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Download the pdf of our Healthy Plants GuideSince 1997, the family business of JMJ Farm has been serving wholesale and retail customers with an impressive selection of greenery and hardscapes materials. Since we directly grow most of the plants and trees we sell, our prices are competitive, reflecting less of a mark-up and saving our customers money. JMJ Farm stocks a wide variety and good stock of quantities of evergreens, shrubs, flowering and shade trees, ornamentals and perennials, as well as hardscapes to compliment and beautify any landscape project. We offer delivery services for anything we sell, homeowners and contractors alike.

We proudly live in the community we serve and take care of the local people and contractors through extending first-class customer service, professionalism, high-quality products and fair prices.  Pleasing every customer is our top priority, whether they are purchasing a few perennials and plants to add to their home garden or are renovating their entire yard with pavers, stone and larger plantings. After all, JMJ Farm is only as good as its reputation and customer referrals.

Visit JMJ Farm to satisfy your planting and landscape supply needs, where suggestions and answers to your landscape and planting questions are ready for the offering.


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JMJ Farms is here to help with all your garden and landscape needs.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, call our Howell location, 732-785-0442 or our Jackson Location, 732-928-2852 and our knowledgable staff will be happy to help.

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