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JMJ Farms Hardscape Materials

JMJ Farms Hardscape MaterialsIn addition to offering customers a wide selection of trees and plantings, JMJ Farm stocks an array of hardscape materials to complete your landscaping project. We are more than happy to calculate the amount of mulch, decorative stone or Cambridge pavers necessary to complete a customer’s specific job, a task that often proves difficult for the inexperienced homeowner. If supplies are not properly estimated, customers are inconvenienced and disappointed by a lack of enough materials to properly finish the job or an overabundance of leftovers needing disposal, both situations costing extra time and money.


JMJ Farm MulchAlthough its original purpose is to cover the ground to protect plantings from climate effects, minimize weed growth and maintain soil moisture, mulch is also a beautiful addition to any landscape. At JMJ Farm, customers can find a quality assortment of dyed, colorized mulches that coordinate with their landscape design and property, such as cedar, dyed black, red and brown, licorice root and hardwood.  Again, JMJ Farm’s helpful staff is available to help customers estimate the amount of mulch their project needs to avoid wasting time and money.  We also offer delivery services, with prices available upon request.  Quantities are available in bags and cubic yards.

Decorative Stone

JMJ Farm Decorative StoneAt JMJ Farm, bulk decorative stone and gravel is available in 10 different types to compliment any landscape design, from natural to more formal styles, including Delaware River, bluestone, Arctic white and carnation pink.  Various sizes, textures and colors of stone can be used to finish planting beds as an alternative to wood mulch, and it can also finish driveways, walkways and garden paths.  Stones can be mixed or laid in patterns for a customized look. Stone and gravel are sold by the cubic yard.


JMJ Farm sells Cambridge pavers and paver design kits in a variety of colors, styles, finishes and patterns to create the perfect, customized outdoor kitchen or grill area, fire pit, backyard or pool patio, driveway, walkway, steps, columns and walls. Because all Cambridge pavers are sealed with ArmorTec®, they will continue to maintain their color and original appearance after years of enjoyment, thus protecting your investment.

JMJ Farm PaversCambridge pavers are also available beyond the homeowner’s design project, beautifying commercial and municipal jobs through their assortment of collections, pigments and modular shapes. For efficient storm water management and customers making an effort to “think green” while improving their property, Cambridge offers permeable pavement systems.

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