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At JMJ Farm, there is a huge variety of plants and trees sure to satisfy your specific tastes and landscape needs, from native plants and old stand-by selections to more obscure, specialized plants. We are more than happy to offer suggestions about coordinating your plantings, as well as soil and sun and shade requirements for particular plants and trees.  Since we grow most of what we sell, customers realize more competitive pricing and less of a mark-up at JMJ Farm. We also offer delivery services for homeowners and contractors, with prices available upon request.


Evergreens at JMJ FarmsEvergreens do not shed their leaves or needles in the fall and winter months, so they compliment your landscaping year-round. They make excellent natural fences, hedge borders, and privacy screens, and depending on the type of evergreen chosen, can serve as a backdrop for other plantings or a specimen piece commanding attention. Many species are hearty and fast-growing, and their colors can range from shades of dark and light green to yellow and gold.

Some of the popular evergreens available at JMJ Farm are arborvitaes, white and other pines, euonymus, hollies, cypresses, spruces, Japanese and English yews, boxwoods, mountain laurels, rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks and junipers. There are many more to choose from as well. View the JMJ Farm Evergreens Photo Gallery.

Flowering and Shade Trees and Shrubs

Flowering Trees, Shading Trees, Shrubs at JMJ FarmsFlowering and shade trees and shrubs come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that beautify any yard, border or landscaped area.  Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall, after turning gorgeous shades of plum, red, orange and yellow.  They have different rates of growth, with some filling in quickly to provide shade and privacy and others growing slowly, thus maintaining the shape of the original landscape.  Some grow upright and large, providing shade and protection, whereas others serve as accent plants, growing in weeping form or displaying spectacularly colored blossoms.

JMJ Farm offers customers the following varieties of popular flowering and shade tree choices and much more: maples, poplars, oaks, hydrangeas, aspens, willows, sweetgums, birches, flowering cherry, plum and pear trees, magnolias, dogwoods, forsythias, rose of sharons, crape myrtles, crab apples and red buds. View the JMJ Farm Trees and Shrubs Photo Gallery.


Perennials at JMJ FarmsPerennial plants and flowers are an important part of any landscape, providing various leaf textures, growth patterns and colored flowers to fill in trees and shrubs.  Perennials compliment any rock or border garden and work well in planters as well as along pathways.  They work nicely alongside annual plantings during the spring and summer months.  Some reach high as climbing vines, where other low-growing selections cover the ground.

Some of the favorite perennials JMJ Farm stocks are salvias, chrysanthemums, daisies, ferns, hollyhocks, asters, coneflowers, ajugas, poppies, fescues, grasses, phloxes, delphiniums, lilies, lemongrass, primroses, astilbes, fuchsias, black-eyed susans, lavender, pachysandras, clematises, hostas, bleeding hearts, peonies, flaxes, hibiscuses, primroses, and yuccas, in addition to many other selections. View the JMJ Farm Perennials Photo Gallery.

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